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Aug. 4th, 2005 | 10:57 pm
posted by: zeromaster in curious_love

ok heres my char

name:zero myvai
race:half demon half angel

info: zero is a half breed between angel and a demon . he was born with a demon wing on his left shoulder and angel wing on the other. his pranets were kill in the great war trying to defend him from soliders.his sister was killed by the king of the opposing kingdom the one that won the war. he was taking in by monks and traind to supress the anger within him. he has a short temper and a good side . he had left the temple in search for the one that killed his sister. he carry around a staff and two daggars . he has the desctruive powers of a demon and the heling powers of an angel ( no not a good type promise)and he hates slave traders and free slave whenevr he can. aslo has a little dragon that looks like acat that is a smart ass at time but also very funny even in tight situations

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