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Meet Kenshin

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Aug. 9th, 2005 | 07:11 pm
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posted by: brainfaded in curious_love

Name-Mahotsukai Kenshin
Age-1216 Years
Race-Originally Human

Kenshin was born more than a thousand years ago. This much time in the world has given him amazing insight into reality. Sometime early in his first century, he realized that he never aged. In time, he learned that he was a sorcerer, and chose to learn. As one of the few sorcerers in the world, he has never felt connected with anyone, including the mortal wizards and other magic users. Kenshin has connections with generally every race and is pretty much all powerful, but he has his own rules. Even though he has the ability, Kenshin never interferes directly with worldly events, and he NEVER effects free will, as he considers it the most important thing in the world. Kenshin appears to most to be a sixteen year old white male with black hair and eyes, but he can change to any shape, race, or age at will.

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