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Chiisuchine, in a large field

Dec. 2nd, 2005 | 12:48 pm
mood: confused confused
posted by: daimiensin in curious_love

"Where am I?" Hine (pronounced Heenay) said, closing her eyes and opening them again, just to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She had been in her village, playing with her cat, singue, and the next thing she knew, she was waking up in a field that she didn't recognize, under a sky she didn't know. " Oh, why can't I rememberhow I got here..."



Aug. 11th, 2005 | 08:36 pm
mood: pensive pensive
music: Keyboard Clicking
posted by: brainfaded in curious_love

Forget what was written here before, i did it wrong. I have been given the general instructions and been assured that they will be posted in detail in a short time. For now, general guidelines go along the idea of this-

Characters are to be original. Imaginary and magical characters are encouraged, but not powerful in any surreal sense of the term. Magic using characters must be flawed, in that they are not all-powerful. Gods are not allowed. You cannot control another person's character. Nobody is phsycic.

Posting is to be done regularly, the more often the better to keep the story going. Commenting is a must, again to keep the story going. For now posts are on this site, which means that to add to the story, you must post to this Community.

Characters can have up to three magical items, if they want any. What these items are and what they do is not specified, so use your imagination, but again, don't get all-powerful.

As general background, Angels and Demons are on opposite sides of an eternal war. There is a half-angel, half-demon character, and I hope he will have fun with this! Other than that, you can create your own back-story for your characters. The general story-line is that the characters meet somehow or another at a place that hasn't yet been created. (if anyone has any ideas about what kind of place the characters would meet, leave a comment.) It takes place on earth in modern times, so characters would often be in hiding or something to that effect. The meeting place was created by one of these people so that them and others like them wouldn't feel so alone.

This is technically a romance, but try to be imaginative about the storyline, mostly because a straight romance doesn't give much room for character development.

That's all I got so far, but as time progresses, I should be getting more information. If there's any questions, comments, or ideas, leave a comment.

(no subject)

Aug. 11th, 2005 | 05:41 pm
posted by: bbygrlblu in curious_love

Abby: Abby is a very confused girl. She has long dirty-blond hair which she keeps straight, except for one braid, and soft brown eyes. She wanders the streets, usually keeping to herself and contemplating what other people are thinking. She is very quiet, only speaking when she is helping someone, then is off again once she is finished. She doesn't make many friends, most see her as the distant loner type, though she can be quite protective when she meets someone that she is interested in, which is very rare. Some fear her, for the teardrop tattoo under her eye, but when gotten to know, she is a very calm, collected and nice person deep down.

Kitten: Kitten is very friendly towards strangers. She is a cat demon who was taught to fight, her family tried to turn her evil, but she only uses her skills for good, and only when absolutely necessary, which isn't very often. Kitten isn't her real name, but she never would give out her name and everyone just called her kitten. She likes to keep to areas where there are lots of people, she enjoys being around other people, even though she never really talks. Sometimes, she likes to wear a leash and collar as part of her wardrobe, and will sometimes be pulled around by people just because they think its cute, though sometimes she doesn't really like it.

http://www.livejournal.com/allpics.bml?user=bbygrlblu <-- pics


Meet Kenshin

Aug. 9th, 2005 | 07:11 pm
mood: complacent complacent
music: click
posted by: brainfaded in curious_love

Name-Mahotsukai Kenshin
Age-1216 Years
Race-Originally Human

Kenshin was born more than a thousand years ago. This much time in the world has given him amazing insight into reality. Sometime early in his first century, he realized that he never aged. In time, he learned that he was a sorcerer, and chose to learn. As one of the few sorcerers in the world, he has never felt connected with anyone, including the mortal wizards and other magic users. Kenshin has connections with generally every race and is pretty much all powerful, but he has his own rules. Even though he has the ability, Kenshin never interferes directly with worldly events, and he NEVER effects free will, as he considers it the most important thing in the world. Kenshin appears to most to be a sixteen year old white male with black hair and eyes, but he can change to any shape, race, or age at will.


what do u think

Aug. 4th, 2005 | 10:57 pm
posted by: zeromaster in curious_love

ok heres my char

name:zero myvai
race:half demon half angel

info: zero is a half breed between angel and a demon . he was born with a demon wing on his left shoulder and angel wing on the other. his pranets were kill in the great war trying to defend him from soliders.his sister was killed by the king of the opposing kingdom the one that won the war. he was taking in by monks and traind to supress the anger within him. he has a short temper and a good side . he had left the temple in search for the one that killed his sister. he carry around a staff and two daggars . he has the desctruive powers of a demon and the heling powers of an angel ( no not a good type promise)and he hates slave traders and free slave whenevr he can. aslo has a little dragon that looks like acat that is a smart ass at time but also very funny even in tight situations


character profile

Jul. 29th, 2005 | 04:57 pm
posted by: demon_angel_00 in curious_love

hi hi! character profile here. lol as if you couldn't tell?

name: Michi kanosuri
age: 17
occupation: Male Stripper (simply for the money for college)
race: Human...........?

info: Michi shortened his name when he left home to become a psychologist. he was doing alright till someone got robbed and lost all his money in his bank account. he now is a male stripper to get money for college. he has black hair that is so dark it seems purple at times. he isn't really a body builder but he has naturally cut muscles. there is a Branding mark on his right arm that he hides as much as possible... there is something weird about it, and for now it's just his own secret. he has ice blue eyes and tends to be quiet without realizing it.


First Post

Jul. 29th, 2005 | 06:48 pm
mood: creative
music: humming along to my own tune
posted by: daimiensin in curious_love

okey doke. this is how I am going to do this. lay claim to at least one character. put up some stuff about him in your first post so that we all know somthing about them. If you also want to, you can post this info on your userinfo page. you dont have to, but this is a good idea, I think.

My chars:
Sai: Demon vampire crossbreed. sly and evil, he always seems to be lurking in the shadows. He Is used to getting what he wants, at any means. he is 5'10 with black hair and two red streaks at his temples. he only owns 1 pair of clothes, a black pair of pants and a white sleeveless shirt.

Chii:(okay, I know that this is sooo predictable, but it is the only name I use for my chars@!!! sorry)
fairie with a standoffish attitude. She has been packing around Minataro Mountain ever since she left her tribe, three years ago. she is usually wairing a long flowing white dress. a bit see thru, but you reallycant tell because of her ivory skin.

see! that was simple! now you try!
^_^ the mod