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Jul. 29th, 2005 | 06:48 pm
mood: creative
music: humming along to my own tune
posted by: daimiensin in curious_love

okey doke. this is how I am going to do this. lay claim to at least one character. put up some stuff about him in your first post so that we all know somthing about them. If you also want to, you can post this info on your userinfo page. you dont have to, but this is a good idea, I think.

My chars:
Sai: Demon vampire crossbreed. sly and evil, he always seems to be lurking in the shadows. He Is used to getting what he wants, at any means. he is 5'10 with black hair and two red streaks at his temples. he only owns 1 pair of clothes, a black pair of pants and a white sleeveless shirt.

Chii:(okay, I know that this is sooo predictable, but it is the only name I use for my chars@!!! sorry)
fairie with a standoffish attitude. She has been packing around Minataro Mountain ever since she left her tribe, three years ago. she is usually wairing a long flowing white dress. a bit see thru, but you reallycant tell because of her ivory skin.

see! that was simple! now you try!
^_^ the mod

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